There are so many tiny things to notice in this shot. First off, look at Merida’s absolutely frantic breathing in the first and second gifs and the desperate squirming in the third. There are also so many subtle changes in facial features as terror comes over her. I’m mesmerized in the second gif where her eyes widen very briefly and she takes in air before she screams. Then there’s Mor’du. The muscles jiggling as he roars, the saliva strings, and lest we forget the flickering flames in his eyes. It’s amazing they fit this much great animation and wee details in a few-second shot.

This is the best depiction of pants-shitting fear ever animated. All she can do is cling to the ground and scream.

Wouldn’t be surprised if close loud noises become major triggers for poor Merida after this.

I always wondered the same thing. I know Merida is a strong woman, but man. How can you not walk away with something like that not having affect your life? I bet she had nightmares, and things like that. Every time she heard a roar or something like that. She cringes.

The detail in this little part, makes the fear, and sheer terror you see in her face palpable. Omg. I have a small wave of anxiety and fear every time I watch this scene.